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Sunday, May 16, 2010


hang out with bro.

i look very different?

pretty KIKI.

with Joy

gaoxiu Sherine.
she drunk @@

Vanessa Tan, and Small Justin xD

Xiao Han. (noisy didi)

Tempura.the plate really heavy.
In Labistro :)

with my dear <3

with MUM. xD

gaoguai dear.

sometime she's pretty, sometimes only lar xD


These are recent photos.

actually i felt lazy to update already.

But suddenly,

I went Sei Kenta blog  (click to link)

He wrote “和照片不一样的启杰”.

ok i confess ._.

He's an important friend to me =D

i know you will answer: guan wo pi shi. 


How am I these 2 weeks?

I am not fine at all.

But i think those rumours will terminate soon.

I would thank you if u don't believe that.

but laugh on u if u're idiot to believe. 



and i started to ignore friend request from facebook.

i am lazy to know new friend.

so i'm sorry if i don't add you.

and i deleted some weird stranger.



exam coming soon.

but still playing in school.

this week was a crazy week.

everyday laugh from 7.30am to 3.45 am.

because of Miss Hilary Gan. 

and singing.


i am going to sick.

so i maybe absent tomorrow.


why you didn't reply me at all?

you let my heart fall again.

i know u'll be different after that.


i should have known.

i was a dreamer before you went and let me down.


Franco Chiew posted on my wall.

written by Kevin Tsai.

i hope i get that soon :)


my skin turning fine.


i try to see through all the things in life.

and i had digested a lot of truth.

so you can introduce books to me.

i m glad to read that.


ok bye. 

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