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Monday, November 30, 2009


This is my latest photo.
'Cheating People'

Ya...belated updates.
All because of annoying BIOLOGY.
which keep disrupt my sleeping time.

Finally, we'd released since 3.30pm.
Ah Eng(our biology teacher) really indescribable accurate!
The paper 3 of SPM is almost same like our first trial paper.
But unnaturally,i was having a supper with LIZIN at Lesung.
where we called it high standard malay restaurant.
And meet Hui's brother while i was leaving.

These day keep contacting with a new friend.not bat.but he is so cool!

Since my mum went to KL.
A lot of frightening terrible situation.
1.Barrel falled down in non-airflow space.
2.All the thing go back their own place after i use it(actually i put it.)
3.a lot.

So,i went to a ice-shop with Katak.
Meet Maymun.
Small town.but i gonna leave after senior three.

Then go back to watch gong sam gai.
Last 2 episode.
I think it is stimulating.

Dinner with szehui,alice,sheng
now i'm in Sheng house.
going to sleep here.

More comfortable(hehe)
Hope finish Science,Chemistry and Physics exam quickly
I want to watch NINJA!
I think i m going expand expand expand!

I wear contact lens for 15 hours today.
Very dry.and tired.

Hope to back KL soon.
meet Carmen,Yiikei,Kahyan,Iyee,BK and more more more.
Recalling our wonderful memories.
Sleep now.Nitezzz...

Stop here.Comment.
(OS:what is gravitational potential energy?xD sheng keep asking me)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Nothing to say again.
Yesterday went to beach after studying in Stephen house.
Drinking ABC.with Alice and SzeHui.

Then, Evon's home restaurant.
Not bad.
Hate to stay in home lonely.
I am going to crazy.
Damn boring.

Keep hearing some weird eerie sound in living room while i was reading BIO.
Got car to drive but no where to go.

Breakfast in MEGA.
is that my life is sucks,eating here and there.aimless.
Mastama for rest(air conditioner)

(OS:I'm not having a sweet dream but scary nightmareTT)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tik Toc...

This is a clock.FAKE.

On my room's wall.

Ingredient: Spoiled Clock.

Sorry for my ugly edit.

But I like it.

25/11 Night.

Athena,Anniey,Kheng Shii and I, was hanging out in 'Thousand Star'

There was no parking space but the food is delicious.Expensive too.

Nasi Lemak+Ayam goreng cost RM7.90

Normal one only.

Then,fetched WeiXing, and went to SummerTea.

Damn bored.

Bintulu no place.

WeiXing kept shy,called 'suit into circumstance'

I suggested to PLAY this.


Yesterday I LAZE in house for the whole day.

Went Farley for breakfast in the morning with Wynn.




I'd change my TM phone package.

I could call fixed line phone unlimitedly with limited fee.

Called Carmen and Yiikei.

Chat a lot.

Laugh a lot.

We are so bad.The joy came from gossiping....


Then went to have a dinner in Korean Restaurant.

With family.

Wynn work there.

'The vegetable was incorrigible,the meats were unpreserved.

Not delicious.

Fortunately it was cheap.


Later my mum and my sis will go to airport.

Envying them.

I want to buy sth too.

I keep studying BIOLOGY.


Stop Here.Comment

(OS:i got a feeling.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Finally finish my Add Math. exam.

not bad for me but careless in paper 2.

TIRED too.

after finish our paper 1 exam.

we had 4 hours of rest time.

Surely we won't miss the relax opportunity.

Then we went to TianXiang Chicken Rice Shop.

Hot and full.but better than yesterday.

proveked a lot of laughter.

Drinking Seacoconut.

went to Parkcity Mall.

(Sheng paid the parking fee.)

First time i drove into it.

We made people's focus on us.

Because of our school uniform?


This took in NOSE.

look like short.Mirror's fault.

Hui and Me the N times photo.

Rest in Sheng house.

Using OSIM.


Alice who keep plan to frighten me

Miserably.Failed twice.


We all felt exhausted after sitting in examination room.

in 2pm.

surrounded with sleepy tone.ZZZzzzZZZzzz.

Fortunately i'd finish my paper within the time.

To celebrate we'd finish 6 subject.

We were having our 'high tea'

beside the beach.

(Hate)Smoke Smoke Smoke(Hate)

Meet panjang.

He's quite a good person.

The car's oil left 7km to walk.

I'll pump later.

Either Petronas or Shell xDDDD

later will hang out with KhengShii.(click on)

who just back from Australia.

And also with Athena who will fall in trepidation with CATS.

Unfortunately.The place we will meet .Seribu Bintang has many many uncountable cats.

Let's pray for her.

And also SiHui.(Jong)

Go to bath now.

tomorrow need to study in Biology.


(OS:I haven't found people who can accompany me in the following week.)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am just back from library.
Altough i only went there for 10 minutes.fetch Alice only.
fatigued fatigued fatigued.
before i went to library.
I did wash the car since 1.30pm to 3.00pm.
omg.but satisfied with the consequense.


But golly,the dog cage of our 'lovely' neighbour kept give out foul stench.

Since I was small.i liked to wash the car because to play water.

After 6years(or longer) first time i wash the car.The sense is Memorable.

Let's bless for oioi who squeezing her mind in BK(Bible Knowledge) paper.

Today's moral paper not really difficult but i use 2 hours to finish it.

Longer than usual.

Satisfied too.

Then we had had our lunch in Pizza.

Total RM77.xx for 4 people.Normal but FULL!!!

Jack went to Kapit for training.1month.long right?

Raining to rain but not now.

My car have just washed!!!!!!!!!

It's long time I didn't take photo.

Same with other.we all fighting for SPM.

tired but happy.

Furthermore, my skin getting worse and worse.

Sleep insufficient for many days.

Sheng said:"Why your eyelid swollen?"


Annoying that.

Tomorrow will have Add. Math exam.

hope i can score well.

catchphrase:Because yesterday i had 念经>.<

We organising to go natural walk after SPM?

anyone willing to join us?

And I try to persevere for blogging daily.

Stop here.Comment.

(OS:it doesn't need to complicate)

Monday, November 23, 2009


Normal days.
It's tired to did Mathematics work.
and the invigilator do not allow us to go out early.

In the morning,we 6 people went to DaLi coffee shop for breakfast.
in hurry speed,because we arrived there in 7.15am and our exam will starting in 30mins later.
Excite right?
After dined, when we were doing the Maths. paper.
we felt something wrong in our stomach.
OMG. all PAIN!
regret to ate there.

After the exam [12.30pm]
Clyde,Jessica x2,Rachel,HL,Joy went to CoffeeShop
eat 'Bak Kut Teh'
is that weird that we eat that 'HOT and SPICY' food in extremely hot weather?
Golly,but felt well.

Today i was talking to Sheng, the main invigilator (zhongping) look like Wong Hok Yeong (a HongKong conductor.really.

The house beside me is keep sound NNNNNNNNNNNNN
Decoration is in progress..
so i am going to library now.

Thats all for today.Comment pls.
(OS:what the hell of the undesired sound.huh)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New blog opening~

I am opening this blog for occasion.
Although I am in SPM season xP.

There was BM,BI and Sejarah exam in 18 and 19 of nov.
i have confidence to pass all of them xD

When I arrived house. a good news from my mum.
My younger sis get 7A in her UPSR.
it's a quite good result for her.
then she must able to study in KAIDEE

Besides that, my mum told me that a barbershop will be opening soon on ground floor of my house
(i live in shophouse xD)
but hope that is a high star salon.

yesterday,i went to Melilea Bintulu Centre.
accompany Wynn to do her skin test.
with 'sense of participation' Pudding's sister made a skin test for me.
oil content:66%(i did it after driving in hot weather. ><)
moisture content: 88%

countdown 21 days to liberate from [EXAM]
and having our gang's BBQ for the next day.
we are expecting for those.

Anyone wish to travel with me after that?
anyway with low cost and full of fun.

my mum and 2 sisters will go to KL for 9 days since this Friday.
good new:i can study with low disruption
bad news:i need to handle my dine for 9 days.
hoping my mum buy clothes for me.
i m lack in new clothes now.

Ron just back from China.
KK now.
and Athena will go for Sg. Muar. KL. and many place next month.
envy ing.

stop here. comment pls.
(OS: kepekaan dan perasaan cinta yang mendalam serta berkekalan yang lahir daripada hati yang ikhlas)