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Monday, November 30, 2009


This is my latest photo.
'Cheating People'

Ya...belated updates.
All because of annoying BIOLOGY.
which keep disrupt my sleeping time.

Finally, we'd released since 3.30pm.
Ah Eng(our biology teacher) really indescribable accurate!
The paper 3 of SPM is almost same like our first trial paper.
But unnaturally,i was having a supper with LIZIN at Lesung.
where we called it high standard malay restaurant.
And meet Hui's brother while i was leaving.

These day keep contacting with a new friend.not bat.but he is so cool!

Since my mum went to KL.
A lot of frightening terrible situation.
1.Barrel falled down in non-airflow space.
2.All the thing go back their own place after i use it(actually i put it.)
3.a lot.

So,i went to a ice-shop with Katak.
Meet Maymun.
Small town.but i gonna leave after senior three.

Then go back to watch gong sam gai.
Last 2 episode.
I think it is stimulating.

Dinner with szehui,alice,sheng
now i'm in Sheng house.
going to sleep here.

More comfortable(hehe)
Hope finish Science,Chemistry and Physics exam quickly
I want to watch NINJA!
I think i m going expand expand expand!

I wear contact lens for 15 hours today.
Very dry.and tired.

Hope to back KL soon.
meet Carmen,Yiikei,Kahyan,Iyee,BK and more more more.
Recalling our wonderful memories.
Sleep now.Nitezzz...

Stop here.Comment.
(OS:what is gravitational potential energy?xD sheng keep asking me)

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