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Monday, November 23, 2009


Normal days.
It's tired to did Mathematics work.
and the invigilator do not allow us to go out early.

In the morning,we 6 people went to DaLi coffee shop for breakfast.
in hurry speed,because we arrived there in 7.15am and our exam will starting in 30mins later.
Excite right?
After dined, when we were doing the Maths. paper.
we felt something wrong in our stomach.
OMG. all PAIN!
regret to ate there.

After the exam [12.30pm]
Clyde,Jessica x2,Rachel,HL,Joy went to CoffeeShop
eat 'Bak Kut Teh'
is that weird that we eat that 'HOT and SPICY' food in extremely hot weather?
Golly,but felt well.

Today i was talking to Sheng, the main invigilator (zhongping) look like Wong Hok Yeong (a HongKong conductor.really.

The house beside me is keep sound NNNNNNNNNNNNN
Decoration is in progress..
so i am going to library now.

Thats all for today.Comment pls.
(OS:what the hell of the undesired sound.huh)

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  1. so fast blogging lo??
    wait for details in my blog in chinese version XD~
    tomorrow wan go having breakfast again??