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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Finally finish my Add Math. exam.

not bad for me but careless in paper 2.

TIRED too.

after finish our paper 1 exam.

we had 4 hours of rest time.

Surely we won't miss the relax opportunity.

Then we went to TianXiang Chicken Rice Shop.

Hot and full.but better than yesterday.

proveked a lot of laughter.

Drinking Seacoconut.

went to Parkcity Mall.

(Sheng paid the parking fee.)

First time i drove into it.

We made people's focus on us.

Because of our school uniform?


This took in NOSE.

look like short.Mirror's fault.

Hui and Me the N times photo.

Rest in Sheng house.

Using OSIM.


Alice who keep plan to frighten me

Miserably.Failed twice.


We all felt exhausted after sitting in examination room.

in 2pm.

surrounded with sleepy tone.ZZZzzzZZZzzz.

Fortunately i'd finish my paper within the time.

To celebrate we'd finish 6 subject.

We were having our 'high tea'

beside the beach.

(Hate)Smoke Smoke Smoke(Hate)

Meet panjang.

He's quite a good person.

The car's oil left 7km to walk.

I'll pump later.

Either Petronas or Shell xDDDD

later will hang out with KhengShii.(click on)

who just back from Australia.

And also with Athena who will fall in trepidation with CATS.

Unfortunately.The place we will meet .Seribu Bintang has many many uncountable cats.

Let's pray for her.

And also SiHui.(Jong)

Go to bath now.

tomorrow need to study in Biology.


(OS:I haven't found people who can accompany me in the following week.)

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  1. lalala
    head so pain now....
    giv up for my biology.....
    p/s:ur blog seems pretty n fantasy o~
    haha not bad^^