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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am just back from library.
Altough i only went there for 10 minutes.fetch Alice only.
fatigued fatigued fatigued.
before i went to library.
I did wash the car since 1.30pm to 3.00pm.
omg.but satisfied with the consequense.


But golly,the dog cage of our 'lovely' neighbour kept give out foul stench.

Since I was small.i liked to wash the car because to play water.

After 6years(or longer) first time i wash the car.The sense is Memorable.

Let's bless for oioi who squeezing her mind in BK(Bible Knowledge) paper.

Today's moral paper not really difficult but i use 2 hours to finish it.

Longer than usual.

Satisfied too.

Then we had had our lunch in Pizza.

Total RM77.xx for 4 people.Normal but FULL!!!

Jack went to Kapit for training.1month.long right?

Raining to rain but not now.

My car have just washed!!!!!!!!!

It's long time I didn't take photo.

Same with other.we all fighting for SPM.

tired but happy.

Furthermore, my skin getting worse and worse.

Sleep insufficient for many days.

Sheng said:"Why your eyelid swollen?"


Annoying that.

Tomorrow will have Add. Math exam.

hope i can score well.

catchphrase:Because yesterday i had 念经>.<

We organising to go natural walk after SPM?

anyone willing to join us?

And I try to persevere for blogging daily.

Stop here.Comment.

(OS:it doesn't need to complicate)

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