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Friday, November 27, 2009

Tik Toc...

This is a clock.FAKE.

On my room's wall.

Ingredient: Spoiled Clock.

Sorry for my ugly edit.

But I like it.

25/11 Night.

Athena,Anniey,Kheng Shii and I, was hanging out in 'Thousand Star'

There was no parking space but the food is delicious.Expensive too.

Nasi Lemak+Ayam goreng cost RM7.90

Normal one only.

Then,fetched WeiXing, and went to SummerTea.

Damn bored.

Bintulu no place.

WeiXing kept shy,called 'suit into circumstance'

I suggested to PLAY this.


Yesterday I LAZE in house for the whole day.

Went Farley for breakfast in the morning with Wynn.




I'd change my TM phone package.

I could call fixed line phone unlimitedly with limited fee.

Called Carmen and Yiikei.

Chat a lot.

Laugh a lot.

We are so bad.The joy came from gossiping....


Then went to have a dinner in Korean Restaurant.

With family.

Wynn work there.

'The vegetable was incorrigible,the meats were unpreserved.

Not delicious.

Fortunately it was cheap.


Later my mum and my sis will go to airport.

Envying them.

I want to buy sth too.

I keep studying BIOLOGY.


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(OS:i got a feeling.)

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