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Sunday, November 22, 2009

New blog opening~

I am opening this blog for occasion.
Although I am in SPM season xP.

There was BM,BI and Sejarah exam in 18 and 19 of nov.
i have confidence to pass all of them xD

When I arrived house. a good news from my mum.
My younger sis get 7A in her UPSR.
it's a quite good result for her.
then she must able to study in KAIDEE

Besides that, my mum told me that a barbershop will be opening soon on ground floor of my house
(i live in shophouse xD)
but hope that is a high star salon.

yesterday,i went to Melilea Bintulu Centre.
accompany Wynn to do her skin test.
with 'sense of participation' Pudding's sister made a skin test for me.
oil content:66%(i did it after driving in hot weather. ><)
moisture content: 88%

countdown 21 days to liberate from [EXAM]
and having our gang's BBQ for the next day.
we are expecting for those.

Anyone wish to travel with me after that?
anyway with low cost and full of fun.

my mum and 2 sisters will go to KL for 9 days since this Friday.
good new:i can study with low disruption
bad news:i need to handle my dine for 9 days.
hoping my mum buy clothes for me.
i m lack in new clothes now.

Ron just back from China.
KK now.
and Athena will go for Sg. Muar. KL. and many place next month.
envy ing.

stop here. comment pls.
(OS: kepekaan dan perasaan cinta yang mendalam serta berkekalan yang lahir daripada hati yang ikhlas)


  1. u english level so high~~ha
    wish ur spm can get all A~~~

  2. wer you get the background? can giv me the website? hehe~

  3. impressive background~~ looking forward ! nilai kasih sayang>.<

  4. nkh:normal only xP.thanks for your wish.good luck in your work too ^^

    michelle:sorry,i forgot where i get it.simply find.

    cheward:thanks.ya.thats right

  5. wow~
    so cool ya
    type ur blog in english
    not bad wor^^
    well anyway
    welcome to use blogspot~
    i will visit and leave a comment ED + ASAP~
    have fun ya~