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Thursday, December 3, 2009


These are some pictures I took it morning.
Uniform Series.
Found that i like to take photo in morning.
A big collection of this series.
Start to lazy blogging again.
I was trying to improve my driving skill.
Some noticeable progression.
just now am having dine with Bryan.
Cute didi.
14 this year.quite nice.
Knew that he is going to KL.
Our next gathering.->cinema or M-box
He was frightened when i told him i use RM9 to sing 4 hours.
Gong Sam Gai comment.
Predictable Ending.
I'd denied my Friendster account for a long period.
More interest in facebook.
And to filt Mr. or Ms. Ma.
These few day keep webcam chatting with Simon Chong.
who is a humorous person that i knew in Sabah.
Provokes a lot of laughter(i use this twice)
While we waiting our lunch in New Seaview Restaurant.
some funny things occur.
Pai Kut Suan Tian.
lazy to explain.
Joey Wong keep selling Melilea product for me.
I m keen on some product.
But that is secret.
and keep warning me something behind me.
Nowadays we like to take others' ugly pose.
For Birthday Suprise.
Confidential for reader.sorry.
They would angry if i post.
Last but not least.
An unfortunate news.
Heard in 1st of December while i was studying.
My dude.Athena.
Get hurted in a critical accident.
Quite severe.
Glasses in her skin.
Hope she will recover soon.
I am going to drop in her house tomorrow afternoon.
As a lovely friend.
Become back a lenglui.
I wan to see Saw XI
with friend.
In dolby sound room.
with high quality of blu-ray disc.
Since i'd long time didnt watch a high quality movie.
Tired,stop here.Comment.
(os:Everynight i rush to the bed....sweet dream from Beyonce)

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