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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Complicated mood and life in camp.

No photos at all.

the members' number is not fix.

There are many people in-and-out everyday.

It's chaos.

Many things had not been prepared before it.

No air-cond!!!!

Fortunately our school build in forest.><

Science fiction again~

Before enter home.

I went to the new-open saloon to haircut.

I said just trim it.

Then he cut my hair like a kid.


Definately i was angry.

Rush out from the shop.

I promised won't go there for the next time!.

Shit technique.

So.There's a recommondation.

Don't go the barbershop.



Many foul language now. @#$!#$^%*^&^@#$@!$#$%^!#%!$

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