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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This is my latest photo.
Abnormal face.

I just dyed my hair just now.
Black in colour.just wasting the Colorant which expired soon.
Chat with VICTIM Athena in afternoon.
laugh a lot.
I realized that the pronunciation of 'DENY'.
Okay. My fault.Learner mar><
Independent <----this topic.
I think for a long time.
Divided to Physically Independent and Mentally Independent.
Is that one learns physically independent then he/she can Autochephaly?
Not really.
A conversation happened few months ago.
Me:I suggest you to live with others family when you rent a room outside,because they can help you to clean up someplace such as toilet.
Someone:Then how to you learn to independent?
Ya,i might be wrong.
But those are physically independent.
For mentally independent.
They should possess a mature brain.
which can solve the problems faced.
Either in academic or in LIFE.
isn't it?
Those just my own opinion.
If you are disagree.just deny it. and beat it.
I like to eat in New Seaview Restaurant.
Wynn's mother is nice.
Finally finish Chemistry paper.
left chinese on next monday.
eventually can rest for a week.
And i am going to hibernate.after that.
i wan buy new clothes.
I am expecting how the school would be like in next year.
Making some great decision nearly.
Say NO to XXX.
Tired to face them.
I'll become senior in school next year.
Means can be arbitrarily recklessly?
hope so but impossible.
I am really really hard to renew daily.
but failed with LAZINESS.
I am watching Barbaric Mother,Gozilla.
You must know what i were meaning if u like to watch HongKong Sitcom.
Stop here.Comment
(OS: don't see my blog in case u are unfriendly!)

1 comment:

  1. Hey dude,
    long time didn't chat with u,
    how are u getting on?
    how's ur SPM?
    still ok?
    now only i realized that your English is more better than me...
    it seems that u have no problem on facing Senior UEC English Subject next year(a subject which is hard to score A)...
    ok la,
    stop here...
    take care n keep in touch...^^