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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is only the one photo i took.
Too busy to eat.xP
wake up in 7.40 morning.
6 hours slept.
I think this bbq is not enough in plan.
I realized that I wasn't buy the charcoal.
So we go to buy in SK.
Besides,lighter,meatballs,hotdogs,brushes etc.
chaos situation.
Some unhappy event.but it past.
ok.i need to do my financial report now.

So.we went to see this movie in 3pm.
only me,sheng and sherine.
Horror but nice.
coward sheng and I,kept covering our eyes.
This shown long time ago.
but we see on desolate season.
the orbit cinema become HOT when a lot people sitting in.
just like 2012,with athena.
rest now.
(OS:can't read my can't read he cant read my poker face....)

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