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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year.

Same with others
Same title.
But my post without photo..
Sorry for long time waiting.
I didn't update my blog for few days.
Since camp.
6days i think.
Since i was very dissapointed with my new haircut.
but some friends, keep consoling me.(either true or false)
I drink blace sesame drinks.
to fasten the growth of hair.(saw from web)
I don't know that's correct or not.
just good try.
Go school yesterday with friend.
Ling Siao Shi be our form teacher.
sure happy.
I am thinking of our graduate vacation.
where going?
went many places in a day.
fetch yu tou and came my house.
then went with lizin
then went summer tea,
saw Daniel,Qi Xun,HengRong them.
they taught me a new Poke game.
ok lar.
Then back to home.
Playing computer+sleep.
times up.
Then went to church fetch Joy and Rachel.
then went to seribu bintang.Satay.
Then went to fetch Lizin.
we went to Korean Restaurant.
and meet LONGTIMENOSEE's Katak.
Lastly,meet with a secret friend in Waterfront Park.
happy that night =].
eat eat eat.
I am afraid that i cant totally button up my trousers.
It's a very special year.
I didn't hang out with friend to celebrate new year.
bo car mar.
but luckily someone accompanied me in sms.
thanks a lot =]
I want to go Taiwan larTT.
and planning this year August journey.
with them.
and buy a new camera in this year.
conserving money.
I'll be graduate in this year.
and I'll go back for my hometown.
ok stop here.
comment =].

last but not least: Happy New year!!

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