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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


School reopened.
Excited? 40% for new class.
10% for new students.
10% for new seat.
10% for new teachers.
10% for someone absent.
10% for new 'neighbour'
10% for new friends =]

we are planning for graduation trip.
where are going to visit?

start to enjoy my busy life.
espacially in physics and add math subject.
and earn money.
enjoying my S3 life.
and new friends =].
but still addict to facebook >.<
new physics topic.
photoelectric effect.
but i wish to learn about warpspeed.haha.
and always laughing on now ==
hahaha.beat it....beat it....
hope our Thursday activity will attract many students to join our club.
then we can add new instrument logically.
thats all