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Thursday, January 14, 2010


We've formed a new group call GARDENIA.

Name thought when A-lia was eating gardenia bread.

let's introduce our member.

Youngest sis:

ya.She is very generous.

in money and brother-sisterhood too.

totally a nice person and keep calling me '小舅'

then i call her back ‘大姑娘’

nice ler? wakaka.

fourth sis:
Estherr yii.

This girl is so heroic. a well-known swimmer.

and got The best female athlete in 2008(maybe gua)

a person who like to gathering with us and laughing loudly.

horror hor?haha

The third bro-ah tao

since i was very friend with him since last year.but we knew each other in 2008.

a basketball player.highest between gardenia member.

quite funny.and he's an OTAKU before knew me.

The seconds-Cecilia Tie

very man one.Big Bowl Coffeshop's senorita.

her 2010 wishes is to promote her shop and expand the business.

become huge or gigantic bowl.


she's a flute player too.and cello player.

how's the result? ask herself.

inconvinience to command.wakaka.

The first of course need to introduce =].

i'm the oldest 1.

beside that.we are having our daily meeting and gathering in canteen. a lot.laugh a lot.

sure we're not only to talk nonsense.

we also upgrading our connotation.haha.

ok.back to my life.

was having sushiking with my friend since 3.30pm.


eat a little bit only.

then went to drinks-shop.

online and search information for graduate trip.

we'd decided to go to langkawi.

and KL.thats all.


another digression.

my mother wish to go to port dickson during chinese new year.

with family.

cool right?

hope i will get my Sony camera soon.

DSC-T700.i like it

(OS:i like it =])