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Monday, February 22, 2010


The trip is gonna end soon.

As we say: The happy hours pass like light.

Lets conclude.

Before coming back my hometown.

I had butterfly in my tummy and with infinite expection.

ya. the day 12/2 finally came.

dressed up with casual look. on board.

the first mission after arrived, sure told my <3.


On the way to The Mines.

Our Miss Lim sent a BOOOOM to me. new hairstyle wor...

mm coh la...give you seeee.

ok.cincai bought my clothes and trousers in there.

then went back my aunt's hse.chatting with <3.and>

The second day.surely went to MAMA's home lar..pray ancestor.

and my eyes spoiled by the smoke.

this is my cousin.Weng Lim.

went jusco to buy sunglass and new spec. then drove back Johor lor.

still waiting sms sms sms sms.

nearly 12pm. the sound pollution keep attack my ears.

but can sleep too.with your companion.

14/2.valentine's day and CNY.

sweet and HOT in this day.

Suddenly found the old photos in my grandparents's house.

on the wall.i think I was 10 yrs old.hehe

keep eat eat eat and gambling from 14 to 17.

17 night i back kl.

to meet friends.

18 went out with senior

19 went out with VIP.

and rushed to PortDickson in night.

7years i never been here.

change a lot. the sunset. the seasore.the mood.

turned gradually.i realised.

emo started.

the another day.

went to MV. aimless walking.

and eat a little bit for whole day.

21/2. had a breakfast with Iyee.

just ate a few noodles.

for a day too.

then went to KLCC with simon.

walked from KLCC to Hangtuah station.

then back.

moody moody moody.

to night i am going to meet 6S classmate.

in Kopitiam ABC.

i hope this is a good memory.

for this trip.

and i'll be back.

where are my friendsss?

i miss you all badddly.=[

(os: all will be fine. as shown in my 签 in tian hou kuil.)

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