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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ya...Trip ended.

This is really an undescribable journey.

I gained something at the first.

Lost a lot of thing at the end.

I had passed a sin X period.


Yesterday hanging out with 6S classmate.

I use to be emo.

guan jor lar them.

Iyee really new P driver. take care. ha

Boon Kyan still funny.Was dancing centre road.

not totally crazy night.I chat with someone the whole day.

CONFIDENTIAL. you know i know lar xP.

Yap Kah Yin still luen mou.

Ooi Lay San is the first time i saw after graduate.

stay cute =].

Fanfat tall jor thin jor xiu xiu lar. :D

Prinscilla still kua jeong.

Gah Su Kit(don't know how to spell.) still quiet.

Ruey and Kah Hui still grace.

Kar Lok remain thin =.=

lastly they told me: You are belongs to KL.

Gam Dong xiu xiu^^

the most happy i gained yesterday night.

was not enough to cover my sadness.


The more the Expectation. The more the desperation.

mou dvn dvn get hurted.

Crying at midnight do you know T.T

although i had mark myself dont put too much love in it.

but i failed to control myself.

see. i need to face with my own music.

a SUCKS consequences.

not dare to call you now.

i m afraid i will cry on board.

picked up for 5 mins, put down for whole year.


ah KUEH i need you tonight!!



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