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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 6th Day.

Today, I am going to introduce you guys a movie, which is 2000 product.

Since I like to watch scientific fiction movie.
I found this , The Sixth Day,in PPS accidentally.
the length of the movie is about 2 hours,
I am sure you couldn't leave your eyes on it.

it might be, i saw a terrible suck movie, skyline at the previous day,
so i would feel this is comparatively nicer than it.

In 2015, cloning technology has been sufficiently developed as to allow the cloning of human organs and animals, but reproducing a complete human is explicitly forbidden by the "6th Day" laws, named for the day when God created man. Adam Gibson (Schwarzenegger) is a pilot who runs a charter helicopter business along with his friend Hank Morgan (Michael Rapaport). Michael Drucker (Tony Goldwyn), the owner of Replacement Technologies, a conglomerate that specialize in cloning, charters them for a skiing trip. Due to Drucker's financial and political influence, both Gibson and Morgan undergo blood and eye tests prior to his arrival to verify their identities and aptitude. On the day of Drucker's arrival, the same as Gibson's birthday, Gibson finds that his family dog Oliver (which belongs to his daughter Clara (Taylor Anne Reid) has died, and Morgan offers to take his place as Drucker's pilot to allow Gibson to get his pet cloned. Gibson disagrees to planning on getting the dog cloned but takes a look in Re-Pet anyway and after learning about cloned pets, he decides to have a think about getting Oliver cloned later and gets a Sim-Pal for Clara as a gift for her on his birthday.
Gibson returns home in the evening and finds out that Oliver has been cloned, suspecting that it was his wife Natalie (Wendy Crewson) responsible for the Re-Pet, he is just about to go inside but finds that a clone of himself is at the house and celebrating with his family. Gibson is chased down by security agents Robert Marshall (Michael Rooker), Talia Elsworth (Sarah Wynter), P. Wiley (Rodney Rowland) and Vincent Bansworth (Terry Crews) working for Drucker who are attempting to kill him, but he slips away and seeks refuge at Morgan's apartment. He finds Morgan there, but Morgan is soon shot by Tripp, an anti-cloning fundamentalist, before Gibson can stop and injure him. Tripp reveals that he knows that the version of Morgan in the apartment was an illegal clone, because he had killed him and Drucker at the skiing summit earlier in the day. Tripp commits suicide to avoid capture by Drucker's security team, shooting himself in the head to prevent them from reading his memory to pursue other anti-cloning activists.
Gibson manages to sneak into Drucker's company and encounters the scientist, Dr. Griffin Weir (Robert Duvall), the man behind Drucker's cloning technology. The scientist explains that Drucker and Morgan were indeed killed during the skiing trip, and they sought to clone them to cover up the incident, using a memory capture they performed at the same time as the supposed eye-test. However, they believed that Gibson was piloting the helicopter, and thus accidentally created a Gibson clone before they realized their mistake. Drucker's men have thus been targeting Gibson to prevent the discovery of Drucker's illegal cloning operation; if it was revealed that Drucker was a clone of himself, he would automatically lose all of his resources as clones cannot legally own anything. Weir further reveals that Drucker's human clones are normally embedded with a fatal disease that would kill the clone after about five years, thus giving Drucker leverage in continually cloning them. Weir had only discovered about the disease addition when his wife- who he had cloned back to life after her death five years ago- is discovered to be dying of a traditionally childhood disease. After Weir tells Drucker that he wants to quit, stating that he has promised his wife on her deathbed that he would not clone her again, Drucker kills Weir, intending to clone him and his wife back to life with their recent memories erased, later.
Drucker orders his agents to capture Gibson's wife and daughter to assure his cooperation in resolving the issue. Gibson works out a plan with his clone to invade Drucker's facility and destroy it, and rescue his family as well. Drucker manages to force Gibson to surrender and informs him that he was the clone all along. Drucker tries to convince the Gibson clone to reveal the real Gibson's location as he has Drucker's syncords. Drucker attempts to stop Gibson, which results in the deaths of Marshall, Elsworth, Barnsworth and Wiley, but Gibson and his clone trick him into a trap, ultimately leading to Drucker's final death and his security, while the cloning facility is destroyed. Gibson escapes the complex with the information. The real Gibson arranges for his clone to travel to Patagonia Argentina to start a satellite operation of the charter business as to keep the clone's existence under wraps.
(copied from wikipedia)

is that real, human's technology could reach that level?
cloned pets,cloned organs, cloned human body,
then we can get the thing that we hope so far,

let's enjoy.

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