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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have a prompt idea, which is, i wish to change my blogging style into, food introduction? or traveling? erm, it's a good idea with. 

I swallowed a spoon of hot soup(super spicy) very quickly and made my throat get inflamed,
and felt chilly and fever last night and insomnia after 4am. how poor is it. since I have been 3months didnt get sick. 

it makes a lot of laughter while Alice was narrating the origin of Lazy is the formula.

Gan Ley Sze = Gan Lazy
Gan Lazy= Lazy Gan
Gan = Gun
hence, Gan Ley Sze = Lazy Gun.

It's glad, heard that Stephen is going to india at the end of this month, wish him all the best in his future, i meant after he become a dentist? so nice if i have a dentist friend. and I will try to take a visit to India,            if possible.

initially I intended to go to connaught night market with reachel and skl them, but my throat spoiled it. 

and I wanna sing sing sing sing, next thursday imma going to neway cheras.
._. ready my sound. :D

I read the newspaper, which talked about the astro star quest. sounds very miserable.

see you guys. 

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