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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie and Food.

I am sorry that I had been faded out for months.
This is the time again :D

Yesterday, I went to KLCC to meet Loke and Alice after english class.
the english class made me so tired, especially while doing essay writing.
I didn't write so many words since I graduated.

Just i was waiting them at the center court.
and fetch them to pavilion for lunch.
and we watched Ghost Must be Crazy(鬼也笑)

it has two stories inside, 
kinda like the 嚇到笑 before.
the laughters still same style.
the most unbearable is,
we sit at the first row, which means we had to look by 45 degree elevation.
our neck muscle's frustrated,
the situation became worse when i realized that my chair had broken.
is in Pavilion GSC 7th Hall K06 seat.

Dinner time again, this time i need to introduce a good place.
Restoran Bak Kut Teh Ah Foong, at here
click to get larger map

the tasty soup.

You Zha Guai+ Liong Cha Suet

Wet bak kut teh

Dry bak kut teh (recommended)

only these were enough for us

is this couple.

and after sent them back.
I went to Asia Cafe to join Athena, Jacky and Anthony them.
and 'surprisingly'
my car got aimed by those motherfucker birds,
and peed and dropped on my car.
annoying and I had to clean it up at midnight.

Snowflake again for the next station.
My dearest RedBean Milk Ice,
simple but tasty.

and I was driving my shitty car back.


this morning, i went to Bukit Putih (a.k.a. Uncle Mountain),
mountain climbing activity.
it took 3 hours,
1oam to 1 pm.
and absolutely, plenty of my lunch.

my throat inflammation still not recover.
but I could not wait for the spicy soup again.

going to sleep to recover my collapsed body cells.
recharge my mitochondria.
in the sunny afternoon.

there is gonna be an another aromatic dinner for tonight.(i think)

See You.

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