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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MelaCcA Trip

I need to go back to the english mode,
cause im having my exam this saturday,
and my dental surgery too T.T

sorry for my laziness. my blog has became moldy.
my present will delivered to me at the end of May, cant wait for she.
the most valuable.

ok, since last saturday, my class cancelled and i went to PJ, hanged out with my old classmates.
Alice, Alice, Tracy, to sunway pyramid, bought two t-shirts from SEED, it was a great sales.

and after that, my aunt's family, my sista and I, were heading to melacca for celebrating the Labor Day.
we checked in to Euro Rich Hotel, click to link.
the outlook of the hotel is extravagant, a lot of luxuriant and delicate furnitures and decoration.

you should believe, it looks different in night.

the toilet of the hotel.

the washing basin, and toiletries

 The bed

Jonker Walk Stall 

Another Sunday.
He is Stiltinator. 

my new look. hahas

and we were heading to a traditional restaurant, named Zhong Hua, located at the entrance of the jonker walk.
The undoubted LOOONG queue.


after he got scolded. 
the street view

the foods.

Red House

The river.

the mosque.

after that we went back to grandma's house.
indeed, it was a short trip, but still enjoy.
i am going to embrace this again after weeks.

waiting for your RSVP.


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