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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Brand New one.

 Sorry for procrastinating in updating my blog.
It has been nearly 3 months I didn't write anythings.
Well, these days I think I had a CLIMAX change in my mind.
A lot of happy and unhappy happened.
It's hard to type it out all but I am going to tell you some.

Firstly, ma birthday is coming soon.
This year I think I should have a unusual one.
but surely not in big one.
 I'm poor nowadays.

Yeap, I just finished our mock exam in UEC.
Honestly, Iexam life. Do you?
It's fun while we are waiting the exam start.

After mournfully appalled by someone,
My heart never recovered from begining to end.
you are such a DEMON in my life!

am busying with the graduate trip now.
but I think it's a impressive memory in my life
please go on as well as possible *whispering & wishing*
Fine, this holiday gonna be boring,
fortunately everynight we are fighting in *** club surreptitiously.
all because of the trip.

Our lovely, Jonathan had decided to further his study in Swinburne,
we were quite melancholic while receiving this bad news ( for us) in last thursday.
he got the scholarship in Science Engineering subjects.
may have a intriguing life there :)

I can see my plan after graduate at a glance
all are interspersed with traveling.
Taiwan,Hong Kong etc.
Iyee, Boon Kyan, See Na, Shirley, KahYan see you soon.
67days more. love ya *.*

new banners, layout, arrangement.
hope you like it.
trying to save my blog again. :)

I forced myself to blog in English,
thou my eng is poor. :-|

ok, stop here. continue next time. hungry >.<

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