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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's common humanity.
I confessed.
No matter how hard you helped him/her before,
they just know how to kick down the ladder.
fortunately i have already use to it.

this second someone is calling you help him to terminate those rumours.
next second, he/she is the one who spreads the rumour more exagerrating.
let it go.
no matter what you did, they just like to pick holes in your work/word.
the betrayer, you know i m talking about you.

You must trample yourself as hard as you can if you want to possess a happy life,
if not there are somebody gonna trample you, frustrate your elan,
don't you tread urself?firstly you need to slander yourself,
then there are no jealousy upon you again.

Friends are willing to listen to your murmur,
ya, that's right,
but there is no wrong while they are spreading your secret,
when it happened, ask yourself:
nobody would take compassion on you,
you are going to beg all consequences,
so consider as clear as you can
while you are trying to tell your friend your secrets.

it's of course that some of them are still having conscience,
talk in front your friend meticulously.

take care . :|

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