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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday, the bluster of the wind and rain landed here.
while we're going to pick up Athena in airport.
due to the storm,
the flight spiraled on the sky for 1 hour,
a heavy traffic jam occurred in airport.
drove slowly ''tortispeedly''

then, we went to everly hotel for having our dinner,
Athena, we still have a lot of topics.
i can't imagine how sumptuous am i...
thrift using money nowww..

today i am going to see off valerie
who wants to continue her study in Beijing
hope we could travel together next year.

idk why my facebook account can't sign in today!!.
what under maintenance. (>.<)

yesterday skype with kenta and miko,
i have already forgotten what we said.
but i just knew someone just like to ''qi gam hong''
""EXPERT"" in spending others' money
please lar.
why you can't earn yourself.
or you just poooor like that?

11/28 11/28 i am coming. :) 

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