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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ok, it's holiday mode.
Abigail, Queensley and I decided that we are going to exercise DAILY
i don't think this is unimaginable.

Someone posted this video clip on facebook.
and I'm going to try this,
hope this is effective lorh.

i have finished the arrangement work in our graduation trip.
finally i could prepare my exam mode from now on.
i can't imagine how happy we are while enjoying the trip,
surely we'll provoke a lot of laughters.

and this saturday,
Athena TTL will be back.
i think she has a lot of stories to tell us.
since we seperated twice,
but we still linked each other together,
of course with Abigail, Queensley, Valerie...

Yesterday we were talking about...
next year we want to be backpackers.
talk this only for fun?

who wants to design a trip with me on christmas day?
join my facebook and chat with me.

i dreamt i could swim just now >.<

see you. =]