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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Let's see our Miss Gan. =)

While I was sleeping in afternoon.

I was suddenly awakened by Joy's call.

She invited us to go beach.


Drinking ABC, Eating Chicken Wings and Satay.


The most nasty things is all of our body are sticky with salt.


But we'd a fabulous time there.

We were shouting for unhappy.

Running for stress and Laughing randomly.


Then back.


Boring with surfing internet for the whole day.

Keep SMS,MSN with friends.

I am sorry to hear about that unlucky incident.

Take care next time ya friend =].


I went to GYM with Rina in the morning.

Surely with fully sweat. But the lunch after that got back all the lemak...

>.<'s life.

Tonight I am going to have a date with Joey Wong.

Hope she wont forget.ciu...


Exam is coming on Wednesday.

But i haven't touch any textbooks yet...

tomorrow lar i think.


I hope i can forget you quickly.

Cause i dream about you daily.

I'm still looking for your sms.

The drop ornament is sitll there.

My heart is still beside you.In the corner of fairytales.

(os:I hope to sacrifice somethings to prove I love you want?)

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