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Friday, March 19, 2010

Holiday ii

While I was surfering web yesterday.

Suddenly i received Ahle's call.

said that tonight they had a gathering with Miss Tina.

My last year english teacher.

We like her. =)

Alice failed to join facebook.

Because the Confirmation Email was not sent into her mailbox.

after we tested several times.

Sherine ALWAYS chitchatchitchatchitchat.

Noisy lar you xDDD.

I decided to tuition there.

other please visit my album in facebook =)

ALBUM <--click here.


I slept on 2am.

It's not weird but i needed to wake up in 7am.

yesterday I was so high.

idk what happened.


Today have a mission.

So fish i felt.

so just *SKIPPPP*

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.(correct or not?)

Their performance really nice.

They performed 4 songs.

1. Carmen
2.Dance of Yao
3.Pirates of Carribean
4. A song in Harry Porter movie.(idk whats the name )

I had record the video but i think can't post.

due to their legal copyrights.

Let's go to support them in Dewan Suarah.20/3/2010










for  you =)

(os: do you remember? what is the date today ? =)

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