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Sunday, March 28, 2010


5 Computer were using 1 512kbps line. LAG LAG LAG!

The lights turned off. But we're still playing laptop xP.

Messy table@.@

Originally we planned to discuss about graduation trip.

But all of them kept playing facebook. Including me.xP

Lazy LAzy LAZy LAZY.

All drunk @@.

Music playing.

Have a crazy night xP.


You have gone.

Peacefully, Silently, Surreptitiously.

IDK when.But I can feel it.

Because i've no sadness and hapiness when looking on those things.

So dont pick up the 'Bad Romance' anymore thanks =).

But i will remember and seal all the memories, which we have together.

Sealed in a book. A book contain my tears before.

Tears dropped. Tears evaporated. Tears disappeared.

means I locked up my heart again.

So go on, go on and break my heart.

I'll be ok, there's nothing you can do to me.

There's ever gonna bury me.

So please don't do that to me again.

The wounds recovered.

But left a deep cut.Never gone.



Our Miss. Rachel got number 2 in her Ad-Lib speech Competition.

Come back and have a party and celebration =).

(os: only you. can fit in to the deep cut again. )

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