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Wednesday, March 3, 2010



All of KaiDee-ian are going into Exam Season.

Today is the first day.

(I was no confidence in my BM T.T)

and a special thing.

today is SzeHui's birthday.

Happy birthday to you.x4

sing urself lar horh...

deciding tonight want go ot not?want or not?

I have no clothes!!!!!


ok.yesterday after school.2.30pm i felt tired..........

Aaron Ling calling and said that he wanted to do revision in my house. from 4pm to 6pm.

ok lo let him came.i really felt 100000tiredsss that time...

he gone when 6.30pm.then I ate my dinner eventually.

MANATAU. lichin called, and said Esther and she wanted to do revision in my house too.==

and Aaron Seo.ok lo.sacrified my sleep time.acc them.PHYSICS PHYSICS PHYSICS.

sorry i forgot some detials ady.. :-(

these the photo :
Lichin,Esther Aaron Seo.
Suddenly i found my pic took in dec 2009 camp.DISDAIN pose.
I need you here always. =]
Avoid my messy hair.small eyes.
Omg my camera on my handphone is SHIT SHIT SHIT!!
low megapixel.i wish to change my phone soooon.
i know i can do it.less to go out now.(exam season).

(你的微笑姿態 還是默默的存在)
(OS:keep throw something to me to do please.i will emo when i m alone thx.!)

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