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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Misery Terminated.

WOOHOO....Exam finished.

These are our simple celebration photo. =)

Firstly, I would like to share my pictures to you.

These are taken on Sushi King.

Actually it is not very delicious.

RM 109.10 our ate.It's normal for 4 of us.

small stomach's person.

I was shocked when Ah Ki( the girls with big round earrings) told me that
she started to prepare since 3 hours ago.
I was sleeping lar.

SOMEONE replied my sms while I was preparing.

Late jor 1 day...

Mcflurry double up pls.thanks xP

She keep asking me to show her something.

ciu.....Don't want ler......

Miss Alice with me.I call her to join facebook since last year.

But she's lazy.>.<||


These are Gan& Kiki photos.

Lazy to describe.*SKIP*


After paid and loitering there.

We went MnG together.

But Ahki need to back :(

Drunk a little bit only.cause need to send Gan back.

This is the first time I sang in public area.

Sure after drunk.

陳曉東-比我幸福.(click for MV of this song)

The first song I sang.

We like this song very very much.

We were chitchatting inside.

Gan.Alice.Sheng.Sherine.Do you realise that they have same hairstyle.LOL

Sorry,I grabbed this photo from Penny (sheng's cousin) blog.

But it look funny.xP




Just now watched The Wolfman was on in Cinema.

Frienz dont invite me go please. :'(

I always trust for something.

I tried not to watch the thins about you these few days.

OK.I success.But you are still the one who I yearn when i wake up.

Still running in my mind.

The piece of LOVE.

I want to overlap with you again (dont think YELLOW.thanks)

I do need you.

When everynight i moody.

When everynoon i boring

When everytime i need a companion.

Come here.BABE

(OS:從來沒想過 不能再和你牽手 委屈時候沒有你陪著我心痛)


  1. hay..nice pic lerh~~~ leng zai yer~hahaha

  2. ya~~~
    i realised it early n i decided to join them~~xDxD