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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monotonous life !

Shocked Face.ready to Cinema :D

An old movie we watched.

Alice,GanGan,Sheng,Joy,Whiskey and I.


They are trying to help me walk out from anxiety.

I know it is hard.

After English Paper yesterday.we'd gossip around for another 9 periods.

and Last two period we watched The Tooth Fairy.

I felt asleep.xD. too monotonous.

I want to leave here :( Gan has same sensation with me.

After the movie.we went second dating.[no more, no more, even with you]

I ate a lot of chocolate forget the sadness temporarily.

although i was going to vomit.

I hope I can found a little, a very little feeling.but failed.

The morning of 6/3.i was awakened by Esther's call.

OMG.I was sleep not enough.

Anyway, we were playing the Cyber-shot.

Act profesional. xP

The bear.I am still don't want to forget.

No title.But it possess some story.

Stationery.with my bear again.

Feel tired now.going to sleep later.
Dating JoeyWong tomorrow.with Wynn.
I am finding another template to suit my blog.
The background changed.when the mood changed.
I rejected by someone just now =(.
But I really hope to go.please.

(os: no more morning MISS,no more sweety noon,no more goodbye KISS, but I still <3>

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